Markets and Technology Uptake

Assessing the impacts on supply/ demand (Subtopic E1) caused by climate change builds on vast knowledge and tools to analyze the international rice market. IRRI’s Social Sciences Division is closely monitoring market fluctuations that are often driven by climate variability. Thus, climate impacts can reasonably be extrapolated from historical production shortfalls.

Subtopic E2 (sustainability and standards) perceives climate change as one component within a broader concept of sustainability that will require indicator-based standards of crop management practices. Rice production is the prevalent land use system in many parts of Asia, so that climate change impacts and response strategies will alter landscapes functions in large scale. Environmental consequences of adaptation and mitigation have to be monitored and addressed if necessary. Subtopic E3 (networks and delivery) promotes the uptake of climate change practices that can be catalyzed through IRRI’s well-established contacts to NARES in all major rice growing countries. The integration of climate change issues in these networks can be channeled through IRRI’s work in the climate-smart villages.


Key Scientists

  • D. Manzanilla
  • S. Mohanty
  • G. Singleton
  • R. Labios
  • R. Lampayan
  • R. Wassmann

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