Region-specific Assessments

Topic D focuses on the regional context while Topic B mainly deals with generic crop management practices. In-depth Climate Change Studies (Subtopic D1) combine adaptation and mitigation objectives for one target region. The complexity of climate change adaptation and mitigation defies universal approaches and requires site-specific assessments that can incorporated into larger scale, e.g. as done in the CLUES project by upscaling from four distinct provinces to the Mekong Delta as a whole.

Utilizing Climate Forecasts (Subtopic D2) also has to be seen in a region-specific context due to differences in terms of accessibility of data as well as data requirements and reliability of forecasts. In IRRI’s research, climate forecasts are getting more and more important in combination with mobile phone applications. Subtopic D3 (Climate Risk and Food Security) encompasses geographic assessments of climate risks rice production that will directly impair food security at national scale and – in case of rice exporting countries – beyond.


           * Allocated under GRiSP, but with strong linkage to this CCAFS

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