System Understanding

An improved understanding of rice production systems is the foundation of any research addressing climate change adaptation and mitigation. Ecosystem Cycles and Functions (Subtopic A1) are undergoing constant changes in response to climatic variations as well as crop management changes. IRRI is involved in fundamental research (e.g ICON) investigating the impact of different cropping cycles and management on carbon, nitrogen and water budgets. 

In the next step, Modeling and Climate Analysis (Subtopic A2) integrates field observations with (i) simulation models on yield potentials and pests as well as (ii) climatic trend analysis. Intensification and Resource Conservation (Subtopic A3) addresses the development of rice production systems that are characterized by high productivity alongside with low environmental footprint.


Key Scientists

  • R. Wassmann
  • M. Alberto
  • B.O. Sander
  • M. Gummert
  • G. Centeno
  • J. Quilty
  • A. Radanielson
  • F. Horgan
  • T. Li
  • A. Sparks

GRiSP Themes


ICON Consortium