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Our people

Reiner Wassmann

Climate Change Research

Reiner is climate change expert at IRRI in charge of coordinating IRRI’s research program on rice and climate change, heading the Climate Unit and acting as IRRI contact person for CCAFS (Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security). Read more

Caesar Arloo R. Centeno


Arloo works with Dr. Maricar Alberto on Eddy Covariance systems (ECS) in the Ecological Intensification (EI) platform. He downloads data from the three study sites of EI and process these based on quality control and gap-filling procedures. He also assists in the installation and maintenance of the ECS.

Agnes T. Padre

Project Scientist

Agnes works on developing protocols for measurement, reporting and verification of GHG emissions and evaluating mitigation options for irrigated rice systems in Asia. She coordinates field trials in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines to assess the site-specific feasibility of alternate wetting and drying (AWD) as a mitigation option for CH4+N2O emissions under the MIRSA (GHG mitigation in irrigated rice systems in Asia) project. She also coordinates field experiments on assessing incentives of mitigation technologies in Vietnam under CCAFS collaboration.

Björn Ole Sander

Climate Change Specialist, CESD

Ole is a scientist in IRRI’s climate change research group with a focus on greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation technologies. He joined IRRI in January 2010 as a Collaborative Research Scientist with Dr. Reiner Wassmann.

Ole analyzes the GHG balance of different cropping systems in Vietnam and the Philippines. He evaluates different mitigation options through water-, fertilizer and crop residue management and identifies suitable conditions to support dissemination of mitigation technologies. Especially the water saving method AWD (alternate wetting and drying) offers huge potential to reduce methane emissions and Ole works with different stakeholders in Vietnam, Bangladesh and the Philippines to foster implementation of this climate smart farming practice.

Ngo Dang Phong

Project Scientist, CCAFS SEA CSV

Phong is the focal person for the IRRI-CCAFS SEA project in a Climate-Smart Village at Bac Lieu province, Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

Phong has expertise on agricultural water management, hydraulics and water quality modeling, crop modeling, and field experimentation and statistical analysis.

Ma. Carmelita R. Alberto

Senior Associate Scientist 1

Maricar,  a climate change expert, is in-charge of operating sophisticated Eddy Covariance Systems (ECS) to assess CO2, CH4, and heat exchanges in different rice-based cropping systems. Maricar joined IRRI since 1983 and she currently holds the position of Senior Associate Scientist 1 – Emission Research under Rice and Climate Change unit at IRRI’s Crop and Environmental Sciences Division (CESD). Read more

Jerico Stefan R. Bigornia

Assistant Scientist

Jerico joined IRRI in 2008 as a Researcher. He covers research areas that pertain to crop management-crop health relationships and solutions for crop health management. His research focus also involves measuring the impacts of water-saving technologies like alternate wetting and drying (AWD) on rice crop health and the environment. Currently, Jerico manages the experiment field of the Introducing Non-flooded Crops in Rice-dominated Landscapes: Impact on Carbon, Nitrogen and Water Cycles (ICON) project under the Climate Change Group.

Ryan R. Romasanta


Ryan supervises the operation and maintenance of instruments being used in measuring greenhouse gas emissions particularly in gas chromatography. He conducts capacity building activities like trainings among partners/collaborators on GHG emission measurements. Ryan also handle experiments on GHG emissions from rice straw burning.

Mary Louise Mendoza

Maui has been working on the ICON project: Introducing Non-flooded Crops in Rice-dominated Landscapes: Impact on Carbon, Nitrogen and Water Cycles since 2011. Her focus is on crop (rice and maize) sequential phenotyping and nutrient analysis. She is also supervising the collection and processing of soil samples for chemical and physical characterization.