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Adaptation projects

Adaptation projects

Defining and rolling-out of innovative and comprehensive approach in climate-smart villages in the Mekong Basin

To improve the capacities and capabilities of rural communities in addressing climate change challenges, the CSA model is being introduced as a means to ensure food security, promote adaptation and build resilience to climatic stresses particularly in the Mekong Deltas.

Climate change affecting land use in the Mekong Delta (CLUES)

The Mekong Delta is Vietnam's main rice area and accounts for half of annual rice production.Use of rice land in the Delta is divided into agro-hydrological zones controlled by flood duration and depth, water availability, and salinity regimes.

The Climate-Smart Agriculture Advisory Service (CSAAS) seeks to harness the power of information and communication technology (ICT) for the outscaling of Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) technologies and climate-informed advisory services for rice, maize and wheat in South and South East Asia.