In order to use SECTOR, we must first select, download and open a Macro-enabled Excel spreadsheet (.XLSM) template.

As shown in the table below, the user can choose among a set of templates according to the number of seasons (max. 3) and patches (max. 100). Each link contained within the cells of this table will link us to the XLSM template for each indicated dimension of input. This selection procedure has been introduced for convenient use of the resulting files and their outputs by the user. The principle calculations, however, are identical in all templates, so there will be impacts on the results as such.

Ex. for a project that includes a country that has 2 planting seasons and 20 sites, we will choose the row with patches ranging between 11-25 (3rd Row) and then the column with the corresponding 2 seasons (3rd column) , which points us to the cell containing a link to the template with the label "S2 P11 - P25". Clicking this link will direct us to the Google Drive folder containing the template file.